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Preparing Your Children to Stand When the Music Plays

Disney has been open for a long time that they were supportive of an un-Biblical worldview in regards to sexuality, gender, marriage...

What has changed over the past few years is that corporations that are influencing our children with entertainment, books, cartoons, toys...are no longer just supportive from the corporate headquarters, they are openly pushing that into their products!

The world is out to indoctrinate your children. You can't deny it because it is established fact. If you are still questioning this as a parent, you are living in make-believe land!

Tomorrow the music is going to play and your children are going to be expected to bow to the idols of this world. Will they be prepared to stand?

In this episode we look at Daniel 1 and the indoctrination that Nebuchadnezzar planned for the Hebrew boys that were taken into exile. Though the indoctrination was thorough and intense, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah refused to bow to the Godless culture of the day and stood strong on their faith.

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