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Grace Through Pain - Dealing with the Pain of Family Loss

In pastoral ministry, my wife and I live with the reality of suffering. When the phone rings at 2am you know someone is hurting on the other end of the line. On our podcast we often talk about the joyful parts to marriage and parenting, but for this episode we zoom in on a side of marriage and parenting that is all too real..and might be something that you are experiencing today. How we walk through suffering in our family...specifically the journey of grief and faith that comes with the loss of a spouse.

Jeremy and Audra...and the family

Our guest for this episode is Audra Smith...She and her husband (Jeremy) were on staff at Hopewell Baptist Church in Virginia. In September of 2021 Jeremy contracted Covid and on October 12th passed away from respiratory complications... This was devastating for Audra, for their children...and for their church!

Audra's first post as "The Pastor's Widow" (link provided to her facebook page) was on October 12...and over the course of the past 7 months Audra has walked through her journey of healing very be a blessing to others..

Because of the length of this interview, we have broken it up into two parts. Links to both parts are included below. Remember, Better Together is available on all the major podcast directories.

You can also watch the video by clicking on the thumbnail below.

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