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How Busyness was Destroying our Family

In 2017 our family was spread thin.

  • Lorrie was working at our kids school, all the kids were in school, 3 different sports at 3 different times

  • I was coaching Andrew's basketball team...often not getting home till after 8pm.

  • Piano lessons were 45 minutes the other direction from our house.

  • We were neglecting our ministry at our own church because of our kids schedule and travel...spending more time at that ministry than at ours!

We lived for March when basketball we could breathe as a family

We had to make a radical change...

There are many dangers to over-extending your family...

  • -family fragmentation

  • -mom goes one direction, dad another direction, lucky to get back together

  • -loss of clarity...going too many different directions

  • -misplaced priorities...focusing on the wrong things

  • -focus is totally on the kids

In this episode we address the dangers of family fragmentation and how you can counteract that to take back control of your family's schedule!

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