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Christ-Centered Parenting When Your Child Has Cancer


Robert and Marissa Bondurant

In 2018, Robert and Marissa's middle child, Alice, was feeling ill. Initially it didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary; however, a few days of illness became a few weeks...and then a visit to the doctor...which ended up with a trip to the hospital. Their questions were answered in an unexpected and heart-stopping fashion. "Alice has kidney cancer." Within 48 hours her weak and ailing body was prepped for surgery and little Alice started a journey of surgery and intense chemotherapy that would last over a year.

Robert, Marissa, and the girls were not alone on this journey. God was with them all the way. Their strong faith in God's providential love and care helped to guide them as they navigated the hospital visits, the weeks of prolonged sickness, and the difficulties that a diagnosis like this brings to any family.

In March of 2022, Robert and Marissa sat down with DJ and Lorrie Harry of Better Together and shared their experience of parenting a child with cancer. Their experience is both insightful and inspiring.

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Robert and Marissa Bondurant

Marissa and her husband Rob are members of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in San Antonio, Texas. They now have four girls. Having walked through childhood cancer with her second daughter, Marissa now seeks out ways to comfort others with the gospel comfort she received. She writes for Christian Parents of Kids with Cancer, as well as on her own website:

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